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Dating Nigerian Girls/ How to?
Nigerian girls like every other girl on earth wishes to be loved and cared for and looking for a handsome man to sweep them off their feet and they would ‘live happily ever after’. A stereotype so well-known to every girl, right? We offer you some tips on dating women from Nigeria. Are you aware of what it takes to make woman from Africa your bride? The thing is that dating a woman from Nigeria is the same as dating any other girl. The key to success lays in certain strategies and confident approach.
Traditionally people in Nigeria consider a man the head of the family and a woman his helper. That is why Nigerian women look for responsible, strong men who are able to take decisions even in very tough situations. Though this doesn’t imply they look for a man to abuse them, quite on the contrary, they are looking to be loved and cared for.
We offer you three main strategies or steps of dating Nigerian girls.
Show you are Responsible
No matter how beautiful the girls you are chasing are, you need to provide the impression you have them things to offer and be confident at doing so. This shouldn’t be necessarily the money or some material things, but for more essential things you and provide for the family, spiritual connection, interests, knowing your stand in life, etc. This will work better than wasting money around. Be the real man for her: pick the bills, defend her when needed, become her hero, show her you can handle any situation and be responsible.
Show Right Attitude and Keep it
Be a confident man and when you invite a woman for a date do it fast and decisive. If you forget what you wanted to tell a woman, it happens, but the effect can be different from your expectations. Even if you are refused for the first time, your ability to stand your point and keep on trying telling her the right things will make you a real man in her eyes. Bear in mind that women read you very well by your actions, not your words, keep the right attitude of confidence you gained during the first dates. What the way you act when she is happy, when she needs your help, when she is crying? Are you sure you stand the strong point of the real man? A real woman always expects you to be by her side and guide her steps.
Lead Effective Communication
Effective communication is vital for any relationship. Nigerians speak English, that is why language barrier won’t be a problem and this is a great plus. Imply compliments in your daily conversations and you will definitely win over the heart of a Nigerian beauty. Many of the compliments that are insincere will lead you the wrong way, so stick to the “golden middle” and you won’t get into the trouble.
Besides listening to what you say women from Nigeria read your body language, your gestures and mimes. So, be attentive that your words coincide with your body language and intentions. Be honest, open and remain yourself. Always listen to her and ask questions to show you are interested, but do not go too personally as this can insult the lady you are trying to impress. Too much boasting and begging is a major turn off.
Follow these easy recommendations and you will soon be planning a wedding with a Nigerian girl.