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sexy nigeria girlA poet would say that all women are beautiful and it’s hard to argue with that statement. If you possess that special talent to notice beauty and charm anywhere you go – you are blessed. But however beautiful are women they are incredibly different. In fact each ethnicity has some distinct features that make it special. Russian women are known for their special Slavonic kind of beauty – fair hair, white skin, green or blue eyes. Men from all over the world go crazy when they see a Russian girl. The same could be said about Ukrainian or Belorussian girls – all of them belong to the Slavonic ethnical group and look more or less the same.

When it comes to some other ethnic groups – opinions differ, but in the end it is a matter of taste. Africa is a huge continent and they say that it is rich not only in natural resources but in cultural diversities too. You would be surprised but Africans are arguably the most diverse people on earth. African customs, traditions, culture and languages are unique and vary from country to country. However there’s one common feature of all African people which is hard to overlook – the colour of their skin. We decided to make a list of features that attract men in African women. Be it some physical characteristics, or internal features they are of equal importance for us. We know that African women are incredibly beautiful, so we would like to share our point of view on why they are so attractive and why marriage agencies thrive in Africa.

  1. African woman probably have the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Deep brown, big and all-consuming – that’s what men say about the eyes of African beauties. Most of African girls have almond shaped eyes, which are considered to be an ideal shape by all professional stylists. Have you ever seen the gaze of an African tribeswoman? It is enigmatic, deep and at some point even mystical. These eyes have a lot to tell and no European could understand them at once. That’s why men are so attracted by African women – everything in their look, in the way they behave and express themselves is so different that they can’t resist the temptation to try something more exotic than white women.

  1. African women are proud bearers of their culture

Our world is going through the process of globalization. Some people would say that it is a good advantage for all the nations, but we consider that globalization leads to the loss of each nation’s self-identity. Countries lose their unique special features and start looking the same. Something like this happens with people too: they forget about their roots and ignore their national heritage, special features that portray them. But when it comes to Africans the story is completely different – unlike all the other nations they cherish their national identity, their culture and history. The history has been harsh on Africans, you all know that, but instead of disuniting they chose to stick together. African women look so exotic not only because of their chocolate skin colour but also due to their kaleidoscopic garb. It’s hard to overlook a beautiful African woman because she always wears bright african girl, girl from nigeria, black girl


  1. Gorgeous African women have the most beautiful lips in the world

There are lots of things that attract men in African women: yummy chocolate skin colour, deep brown eyes, their national self-consciousness, and of course their sexy lips. Nature has been very generous with African women – you can’t find so many attractive features in any other nationality. Women from all over the world crave for such beautiful lips, but in order to get such an ideal shape they have to resort to surgical means. As for African women, they’ve been blessed with such incredible and astonishing natural beauty.

  1. Beautiful curvaceous ladies – that’s what they say about strong black women

It seems like nature neglected several nationalities and imported all their beauty and charm in African women. Have you seen any other woman that would be so curvaceous and dishy? We bet you haven’t, because all the most beautiful and exquisite feminine features could be found in an African lady. Appetizing, gorgeous, dishy, she has everything to make a man go crazy.romancegirl, sex girls, kenya women

  1. Chocolate skin colour – who would resist its charm?

It’s been said above that Africa is a very diverse continent. It sounds surprising because we are used to think that people belonging to one and the same ethnical group look more or less the same. But it’s not like that with Africans – their culture, traditions, customs and even language differ from country to country, and we know there are dozens of countries in Africa. But there’s one feature that unites all tribes, even if they are rivals, all countries, all villages – the colour of their skin. Africans are incredibly respectful towards their national self-awareness and their skin colour is like a flag which helps them recognize their “friends” among other people. But it’s not only an instrument used for distinguishing friends among foes (speaking figuratively), it is also something that makes them unique and special. In fact even the skin tome differs from country to country, but nevertheless it expresses their otherness. As a rule, Europeans find their chocolate brown skin incredibly attractive.

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Of course this list is incomplete and all the above mentioned facts are quite subjective. All women are beautiful and in the end it is a matter of taste that makes us prefer one woman to another, one ethnicity to another. But there’s one thing that you should never forget – no woman would like to be treated as an exotic toy. Irrespective of their skin colour, language or background, all women want to be appreciated for their inner qualities, for their kindness, self-abnegation, their love towards children and their husbands and so on. It seems to be unfair to cherish only woman’s skin colour dating with her and certainly African women don’t want men to get obsessed over their typical African features and forget to love their inner qualities.