Mysterious South Africa women: a romantic journey to remember

Mysterious South Africa womenMost non-black men are lost and don’t know what to say and how to start a conversation with a black girl. If you’d like to meet single women in South Africa, just be yourself and don’t follow common stereotypes about women of color.

Why does their marriage last long?

According to the statistics, out of all interracial marriages combination, of all the mixtures and genders the longest lasting (beyond 7 years) is the marriage between white men and black women. These marriages outlast even relationships and marriages that men have with other white women. That might seem weird, but there’re several good reasons why this is even possible.

Black women are at the centerpiece of fighting for their culture. White men are also engaged in fighting for what they’re believe in. Both of them continue to do the heavy lifting and sometimes they just want to sit back and get some support and understanding. There’s a lot of resentment and misunderstanding towards women of color and pretty everyone whose opinion stands out. Mutual cooperation, help and support in their struggle, that’s what makes these couple stay together in spite of some domestic problems, money issues and cultural differences. They’re ready to fight for what they love and they’re ready to fight for each other.

top 10 beautiful women in South Africa

Black women are not spoiled, they’re having a lot of hardships so they don’t have a sense of entitlement. Even the top 10 beautiful women in South Africa would be much simpler to approach and communicate than a lot of white women who think they deserve all treasures of this world just because of pretty appearance. Moreover, white women have created the feeling that men are their enemies, that they’re going to get defensive every time someone approaches them. They make men feel unwanted, evil in some way and that’s what makes black women attractive. They’re much more friendly, respectful and easy to deal with in general. When a white man meets a woman of color, they’re just grateful for having each other, considering what’s happening in the society.

Both of them are criticized and undervalued by their counterparts. White men are constantly in the defensive position, black women are also constantly being criticized by the men of their group. So again, when they come together, they’re grateful for each other because they don’t take each other for granted, but appreciate and respect each other.

They are familiar with what’s really out there and they appreciate each other. They have seen it, done it and suffered under it, so when they come together, it’s like a featherbed. They can just relax, breathe out and enjoy each other.

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Living together: what to expect?

Interracial relationships are all about overcoming differences. With the fusion of culture come a lot of problems that you might face living together with a black woman.

First of all is the financial question. Many South Africa women are used to such relationships where they’re spoiled at their Birthday, Christmas and other important holidays, whether white men are usually not so generous, even if it’s about their wives. They can present something small, inexpensive, but memorable, and it will be much appreciated since black women are very emotional and sensitive. But since in their culture it’s done in a bit different way, they might be confused and think that you’re trying to cheap it out.

Many South Africa women

Another financial problem is paying bills. Many black women are used to maintain their gender role, that is household and children, while the man earns money. In modern European and American society these duties are most commonly split 50/50, assuming that men and women are equal in their rights and duties. Of course, there’re women of color that accept and agree with this position, so before living together you better talk this question over to avoid misunderstandings.

The next difficulty when you meet single women in South Africa is obviously cultural differences. Some couples perceive it as something beautiful and look at it as the opportunity to learn about each other’s culture, broaden your horizons and know what’s happening outside of your box. But certain situations still can be awkward and freak out both you and your family.

For example, it’s local African wedding rituals. When the process of getting married begins, the men’s family has to take a few trips to the woman’s native country and meet her family. One of the rituals is when elders of the village gather and speak to the parents. The guests have to explain why they came and what they want. They also have to bring drinks, and sometimes people choose to buy expensive ones. The thing is, as a part of the cultural practice, the elder has to pour some of the drink to the floor. Foreigners might be freaked out by this gesture, unaware of the fact that it’s just a part of the tradition that has nothing to do with actual hostility. Some of these traditions are quite tricky to explain, but it makes the journey even more exciting!

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