Single women in Africa: why are they looking for foreigners?

Single women in Africa, sex africa girlOnline dating has become something natural for modern people. There are very few individuals who have never even considered meeting a foreigner for serious relationship. Luckily nowadays we have all the needed conditions for that: most of the countries have opened their borders, Internet allows us to communicate with anyone we like, low-cost travelling gives new opportunities for discovering new and exciting places and people are more eager to meet with representatives of other nationalities than ever. Naturally it is good grounds for marriage agencies and online dating.

But here comes another question: are these the only reasons for some women to look for foreigners instead of dating men of their own nationality? Truth be told, there are lots of various reasons for online dating to thrive and women to look for foreigners. In this article we’re going to take a small segment of this problem and investigate why African women tend to neglect men of their own nationality and prefer to date foreigners. Why are they single in the first place? Why can’t they find decent partners in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria, or Ghana? Are there any other reasons besides pure curiosity and search of exotic partners? Let’s look into this matter.

  1. Women in Africa outnumber men

You’d be surprised but one of the first and most obvious reasons for strong African women to look for a life partner outside their motherland is the fact that they simply outnumber men in Africa. The percentage of men and women in Europe is nearly equal, but unfortunately it’s not the same in Africa. Besides that African women complain that there are very few decent men in Africa they can rely on. That’s one of the major reasons why they try online dating and eventually find partners in Europe, America, Australia or Latin America.

The fact that there are few men in Africa creates utter competition between women and usually win those in the Prime Years group, while women of the Vital Years group and especially the Borderline group are neglected. This creates certain tension between women in Africa and most of them give up fighting for men and look for other black women, black girl, black sex

  1. There’s tribal rivalry in Africa

The next reason in our list would sound even more awkward for Europeans: sometimes women in Africa can’t marry men they love due some tribal rivalry. That’s a typical ethnocentric factor for African people: some families would never tolerate certain tribes or even countries and consequently they would never allow their children to marry someone from these blacklisted communities. This abomination has cultural and more precisely historical grounds and it appears that Africans are not able of forgetting some historical events that seem of utter importance for them. Due to that rivalry beautiful and young women miss their chance to find love and build strong relationship with men they are into. African people have one more distinct feature – they rarely disobey their parents because they live in big communities and opinions of grown-ups are usually respected. That’s why even if representatives of two rival tribes meet and fall in love with each other they rarely fight for their love. Maybe Shakespeare got inspired in Africa after all?

  1. Church rules represent some obstacles for women

Sometimes church rules become a great obstacle for people to build strong relationship. The truth is that many religious denominations and churches forbid their members (women in particular) to marry outside the church. As a result lots of women don’t have an opportunity to get involved with the men they are interested in. At the same time it happens that men from their own church never show interest in them and they are trapped – no men available to marrying and building a family. If a female member of a certain faith attempts to marry a man from other denomination she’s anathematized by her church leader. Some of the respondents say that they joined the church at the age of 20, and it’s been almost ten years until somebody showed interest in them. There’s one more thing: the quantity of men and women sharing the same religious belief is never the same, and the competition is high for women. Some religious denominations forbid their women to date a man before marriage fearing that they may be tempted to engage in pre-marital sex. As you see – there are lots of things that prevent women to be with the people they like.kenya sex, african girl

  1. Sometimes African women spend their Prime Years studying and working rather than looking for Mr. Right

Every woman knows that it is extremely difficult to find Mr. Right. Sometimes it takes millions of efforts; sometimes a woman just needs to be in the right place in the right time and Fortune will do everything herself. Anyway it is something you need to dedicate yourself to, otherwise you risk never finding him. There’s such a sad tendency – if a woman spends much time pursuing career and educational goals she is likely to miss her chance to find the right man. It sounds harsh indeed: but the more time she dedicates to her college degree and career the less time she has to find a husband. It is important to identify that moment when a woman has achieved most of her goals and she is still in good shape to create a family.

There are various reasons that make strong African ladies look for their love outside their motherland but anyway we shouldn’t forget that these are women, who need to be loved, taken care of and so on. It doesn’t matter to what race a woman belongs, because in certain regards women are all the same – they need love, comfort, tenderness and dedication. African women crave for true affection and love, just like all the other women. Certain circumstances make them resort to online dating, but in the age of advanced technology it doesn’t raise any questions, it is as natural as day. We’re all free to do what we like, and African women are no exception in this regard.